About SG Home Furnishing

SG Home Furnishing was founded with a single purpose - to offer the latest Scandinavian Design and Modern Contemporary furniture at the lowest prices in town.

Cut out the middle-men

Our furniture is directly supplied by our factories - no middlemen, warehouses and shopfronts in between!

Remove non-essential overheads

There are no distributors, wholesalers, or retailers adding their mark-up along the way. All cost-savings are extended to our customers - YOU.

Delivered to you with care

Your furniture is checked carefully before it is delivered to your doorstep to ensure you enjoy your new furniture with peace of mind.

We want to fundamentally change the furniture industry. We realized that well-made designer furniture was unjustifiably expensive due to the cumulative costs of middlemen, warehouses and shopfronts!

With you day & night

We offer our customers the convenience to shop at the comfort of their own home.

At SG Home Furnishing, you will be able to find the deal you were looking for, no matter the furniture type. We endeavor to keep increasing stunning new products to our offerings to make your house a home.